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against the company at the center of it all. our senior investigative correspondent lisa myers has an update for us on this tonight. lisa, good evening. >> good evening, brian. today massachusetts officials revealed that when they inspected the pharmacy responsible for the meningitis outbreak, they found unclean conditions and serious health and safety violations. officials say inspectors found that new england compounding center had not followed proper sterilization procedures, shipped medicine before getting tests back confirming it was properly sterilized, and that visible black fungus was found in some of the recalled steroids. now, governor duvall patrick said the state has revoked necc's license, as well as the licenses of its top three pharmacists. today the cdc announced that 308 people have been sickened so far in 17 states, with 23 deaths. now, the company's lawyer told us tonight that for a decade, it's worked closely and cooperatively with massachusetts authorities, and provided full and complete access to facilities and records. given that, he says, it's hard to believ
unveiled their case against him. our senior investigator correspondent lisa myers has a look at the body of evidence. >> reporter: banned for life and stripped of his tour de france victories, there he was this past two weekends the man once known for his stunning achievements, competing in the race, with his daughters alongside. today, the u.s. anti-doping agency laid out their case, a thousand pages of what they call overwhelming evidence, undeniable evidence of cheating, by a team who received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and a quest to win at all costs >> the u.s. postal services pro cycling team, including lance armstrong ran the most sophisticated, successful drug program that we've ever seen. >> reporter: in all, 11 teammates broke the code of silence, testifying against armstrong, even one who armstrong said was like a brother. he said i'm aware he used blood trans fusions in 2005 and 2001, he said. he also said that armstrong twice gave him a banned steroid. another teammate, in 2002, said that armstrong told me if i wanted to continue to ride for the postal service team
get more from nbc's senior investigative correspondent lisa myers. >> she was the type of person that everyone loved. she was dynamic, she was loving. >> reporter: george carol's wife was getting what she thought was a routine steroid injection for back pain and it killed her. it turns out the company that compounded the drug -- in 2002 and 2003, the f -- in 2004 a man died from a contaminated injection, necc settled the lawsuit. in 2006, the fda issued a warning left for necc to stop marketing the cream. they produced thousands of doses of the steroid. >> when was the last time either the food and drug administration or the massachusetts board of pharmacy were visiting this business and looking carefully at what they were doing. we already know that they had had a history of problems, was anyone following up with that? >> reporter: this is by no means the first time safety concerns have been raised about these specialized compounding pharmacies. since 2004, the fda has issued 49 warning letters to compounding pharmacies around the country for significant safety violations. and a
correspondent lisa myers. >> reporter: george kerry's wife lillian died of meningitis after she and her husband received injections of tainted steroids for back pain. >> it's a tragedy that my wife and i and the thousands of other people have been exposed to this contaminated medication. >> reporter: now his family says george is in the hospital with meningitis, though it's not yet confirmed that tainted steroids are the cause. >> this is a large and ongoing catastrophe. >> reporter: one leading expert predicts there will be many more victims. >> i think we are in the middle of the meningitis outbreak. and the end is not yet in sight. >> reporter: the fda revealed friday that federal inspectors who investigated the new england compounding facility found greenish black foreign matter and white filamentous material in supposedly ste really vials of steroids and green, yellow and reddish residue in clean rooms or rooms used to mix medicines. the fda said the pharmacy's sampling repeatedly found bacteria and mold in supposedly sterile rooms between january and september 2012. yet no documented corr
two months and the report says donors still believe in his leadership. lisa myers, nbc washington. >>> and the story the world is reacting to, the 14-year-old girl who was a taliban assassination target. >>> and up next, good news to report, many giving so much in a cause they so deeply believe in. gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? could your "i want" become "i can"? talk to your doctor. orencia reduces many ra symptoms like pain, morning stiffness and progression of joint damage. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for
senior investigator lisa myers has more. >> reporter: brian, today, the government broadened the warning today to include other products made by the pharmacy at the heart of the meningitis outbreak. the new england compounding center. the fda says it is investigating three new cases, one, a possible case of meningitis that may be tied to a second steroid used for spinal injections, the other cases are rare fungal infections that could be tied to a heart surgery solution now the fda is urging doctors who gave any injectable product, drugs used in eye surgery or cardiac patients, to contact the cdc out of an abundance of caution. >>> thank you. >>> we have an update tonight on the 14-year-old pakistani girl who has become an inspiration to so many people around the world. she has been flown out of pakistan to a hospital in the uk for treatment, a week after she was shot by taliban gunmen because she pushed for education for young girls, her new hospital has experience in treating battlefield injuries among returning troops. >>> and perhaps you were one of many who watched yesterday, felix
lisa myers has new information on why going to your supermarket may be a little more dangerous than you think. lisa, good morning. >> good morning, matt. the u.s. food and drug administration, the agency responsible for food safety actually inspects only 6% of food facilities in this country. most inspections conducted to be sure our food is safe are done by private companies, hired by the food industry. and the new investigation reveals that in too many cases, they failed to stop illnesses and death. >> it was terrifying not knowing, not being able to do anything. just holding her in my arms. she had a fever, she wouldn't move, she wouldn't eat. and it's something no parent should have to go through. >> melissa lee's then 10-month-old ruby became desperately ill last summer after eating ground turkey tainted with salmonella. she's now 2 and healthy, but her doctors say she may later have respiratory problems. two different private inspectors gave the cargo plant which processed the turkey top safety ratings before and even during its recall of ground turkey. cargill says it's not sure
, the myers have no electricity. >> i have seen a lot of snow up here. not from the hurricane. >> reporter: it is not over yet. blizzard warnings remain. lisa stark, abc new, grantsville, maryland. >> the storm was amazing. you think about it. hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter wrapped in a blizzard. it was everything. the most all encompassing system. most have ever witnessed. beyond the flooding and rain here. you had feet of snow. incredible. some places up to 26 inches of snow. >> my family back in michigan. columbus, ohio, got drilled with snow as well. lake michigan expecting the highest waves on record. 22 feet high. >> that was the thing about the storm. the sheer size of it. 1,000 miles from cloud to cloud. in addition to being, at the center, category 3. don't let category 1 fool you. center terms of pressure. cat 3. same size as katrina. size of it cloud to cloud, hard to escape its grip for most of the country. an amazing system. we will continue to cover it. of course, through out the morning, keep it right here on abc.
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)